Appliance Repair Services in South Metro Atlanta, GA

If any of the major appliances in your home are having issues, it's time to call us. These services extend to the refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, ranges and all other major appliances. We have parts available in our store. Your appliances are supposed to make things easier for you, not cause additional frustration, which is why you should call us today to get your appliances fixed.

Refrigerator repairs

A refrigerator that's having problems can cause many issues. These problems include everything from irregular temperatures to broken icemakers. Whatever the problem, our technicians can assist in keeping your refrigerator in good condition, as we are familiar with every major brand. It's important that you keep your refrigerator in top shape, as it's utilized on a daily basis to store meals, keep your food cool and preserve ingredients. We will fix any issue as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Washer & Dryer repairs

The average American family does around 400 loads of laundry per year, which means a broken washing machine can be a huge inconvenience. We are here to help no matter what happens. As soon as you notice any problems occurring with the machine, schedule maintenance with us and we will repair it immediately. This also holds true for your dryer. If a dryer isn't working properly, it can cause a large spike in your energy bill. Whatever issue you have, we will whip your laundry room appliance back into shape in no time.

Dishwasher repairs

Dishwashers are highly durable but may need maintenance from time to time. Whether you're suffering from leaking water, hose issues or loud noises, we know how to repair the problem. Dishwashers can save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend washing dishes, which is why it's important to keep it in prime condition. Our technicians will identify any issues and fix them quickly.

Oven Repairs

For any problems within your oven, such as improper heating, our repair technicians can diagnose and fix it quickly and efficiently. Ovens are essential for home-cooked meals. If they break down, you're left with a large amount of inconveniences. By contacting us, you can rectify the issue in no time as our professional technicians have received the training necessary to deal with oven repair.

Stovetop & Range Repairs

While ranges and stovetops are easy to operate, they can be extremely difficult to repair, no matter the issue. Our technicians at All Major Appliance Repair & HVAC Repair Inc. have the training necessary to do so. You can even schedule your cook-top repair services online.

Major Brands We Service

  • Amana™
  • Whirlpool™
  • GE™
  • Electrolux™
  • Kitchen-Aid™
  • Frigidaire™
  • Admiral™
  • Samsung™
  • LG™
  • Kenmore™
  • Maytag™
  • Speed Queen™